Breaking Through...

 Writer’s block. 

How does one break through it?

By writing, of course! : )

So here I go.

One finger at a time,

tapping the forsaken keyboard of my laptop... 

       Four weeks ago I hit publish on my very first post for this blog.  Since that time I have had total writer’s block.  Has it been fear? Yes…fear that what I write won’t be good enough.  No one will want to read it.  Who do I think I am, thinking I can write something that would encourage or help anyone else?

          It is hard.  It does take courage to write…to bare my heart for others to read.  But I am not giving up!  I am breaking through…one finger at a time on this keyboard.  Even as I type, I tell myself I won’t have the courage to post it. That’s okay. Whatever. I am going to keep on writing until I can finally hit publish!

           This is crazy, now I’m laughing at myself. If I post this, then everyone who reads it will think I’m crazy. 

           But what if somebody else actually knows what this is like?  This awful thing called writer’s block!  Tap. Tap. Tap. I am determined to break through! 

          New paragraph.  For no reason.  Why? Because I can. I am the writer and I decide when to start a new paragraph! Ha! : )

          I just let out a deep breath…this really does feel good to put words to this condition I’ve been suffering from.  I truly want to write!  I normally love to write.  What is it about writing out loud (for public viewing) that is so intimidating?  I’m torn between wanting to be fearless and wanting to hold back.  To write is to be vulnerable.  A writer must be brave. 

          I haven’t even mentioned Him.  My reason for writing. The One Who has called me to it.  Even my relationship with Jesus is part of my writer’s block, I think.  I keep feeling not good enough, not close enough to Him. 

          The past month has been a constant daily reminder of my need for His grace.  I am so needy.  I love Him.  Jesus knows how to touch my heart and open my eyes and do His work that only He can do.  What is it I call it?  Life on the Potter’s Wheel.  That life-long process of being conformed to the image of Christ. 

          Now I’ve stopped…again wondering am I really going to post this? 

         When I think of the blog posts I’ve read that really touch my heart the most, they are the ones where the blogger is completely transparent.  It makes me feel like a kindred spirit with them.  I admire them for being brave.  But can I be brave?

Humility and Transparency

are the doors to freedom

from Writer's Block.

With this post, I officially

walk through those doors!

Maybe you're a new blogger or writer who knows what it's like to have writer's block.  If so, I hope reading my experience with it, will be an encouragement to you!