Trail Mix for 2017

Guest post by Amy Pittman:

My precious hubby loves to hike.  Being out in God’s creation has always brought him peace.  He gets excited about climbing inclines and exerting physical energy.

I, on the other hand, have come to this a little more slowly... 

Encouragement for the Journey - Trail Mix for 2017

When we first married, I hated the thought of hiking or even moderate trails.  Through the years though, I have come around. 

I still don’t enjoy long arduous hikes that leave my muscles screaming!  But, I do enjoy easy to moderate hiking now.


When one sets

out to hike up

a mountain trail,

you bring

certain provisions. 


Typically water and a favorite trail mix are in order.  Something to give you energy to complete the journey...


Just as we need

fuel on

a physical hike. 

We are going

to need

spiritual food

to help

energize our days

in this New Year.


For me this comes in many forms.  A kind of “trail mix” if you will.  The first and most important is my relationship with my Lord. 


A daily time

in God’s Word

is essential. 


Seeking His face.   Having a living, breathing relationship with the Father. 


Prayer time is

a must as well. 


Going before the throne to praise His goodness, and asking for guidance, help, and wisdom.

The next ingredient is help and encouragement in the form of another lady in a similar season of life. 


There is nothing

more refreshing

than someone

who “gets it”. 


Someone who understands the life you’re living and gives encouragement. 

Also, ask the Lord to send you a lady that has already walked this season—a Titus Two woman to give you advice and insight that can only come from already walking this path.

Thanks to technology, I find encouragement in podcasts and blogs about home-school (I am a home-school mama) and Christian living. 


These are

women on the

same path—

down in

the trenches

of living

for the Lord

and can give

insight and



Next, there are great books of encouragement—books to help push me to fight the good fight. 

They never take the place of my time in God’s Word.  They are simply extras (kind of like M&M’s in your trail mix!).

Lastly, and this one is...


the chocolate chips

in the mix

(I like chocolate):

a ladies' retreat

or conference. 


Even if you can only go occasionally.  Only if just for a day.  Do it! 

There are huge amounts of help there from women in the thick of the battle—there to encourage and help steer us in the right direction. 


So go

Put together


trail mix


start climbing! 

2017 is

going to be

a great year!