Jesus, My Anchor

My eyes struggled to open until I was met with glints of moonlight still streaming through the bedroom window.  I felt the old familiar waves of anxiety flood over my body and through my mind. The last remnants of a nightmare dispelled into thin air as I tried to make sense of it all. But only the aftermath remained, a muffled panic. To fight it, I began pulling truth up into my heart. I had my Lord. With a prayer, my heart pushed past the waves of fear and became anchored with blessed assurance!

The 3 a.m. hour didn’t deter me from celebrating! I reached for my laptop and captured that sweet moment of victory…


Jesus is my Anchor.


I have an anchor that keeps me safe in this life. He is the Anchor of my heart and mind. I am no longer tossed to and fro by the waves of my emotions and thoughts. Sometimes I catch myself starting to fear—because I know it well—but my heart and mind are anchored in Jesus and His Word stands unchanged and victorious over everything else.


“In a world of
changeable things,
only Christ
and His Word
remain unshaken.”

Still, when the waves begin to wash over me, I sometimes pause and experience the way it used to be, just a little. It is enough to remind me how thankful I am to be secure in my Savior’s love.


I have

an Anchor!!

: )


Jesus is my Rock. He is my strength. When I am weak, His strength is made perfect. When I am inadequate, His grace is sufficient.


My God is

greater than

he that is

in the world!


For over 9 years now, my heart has been secure in Jesus. Just like being in a great ship safe above the waves of life, I am in HIM. I have a stability, a strength, an anchor that I never knew before.

It is truly a miracle to have this, after having lived most of my life succumbing to fear. Now, whenever I feel the waves of fear returning, my heart instinctively knows where to turn…to my Lord.



Just writing this is so comforting! It is my way of affirming the truth of my life…no matter what the adversary tries to hit me with, it all comes down to this:


It’s not

about me


I am in

Christ now.


Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world! All the enemies of my soul fall defeated around me…


This is true reality!

This is
in Jesus!

Dear friend, I hope you too have Jesus for your Anchor.  As I share the way the Lord delivered me from addiction and how wonderful He is, I’m never sure who He will lead to read it.

The Lord knew you would be here, reading this now. Are you someone still struggling with addiction?  Or do you know someone else who is? My prayer is that you would be encouraged!

So many of the truths—that help with addiction—are the very same truths that will help anyone in their walk with the Lord.

A personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is always the answer...


He that hath
the Son hath life;
and he that hath
not the Son of God
hath not life.
— 1 John 5:12